Enhanced Protection

Masternet WAF (Web Application Firewall) Protect your organization from multiple attack vectors IP Reputation Service categorizes

and blocks threats from sources associated with:

  • DDoS: Sources identified taking part of DDoS attacks.
  • Phishing: Sources identified taking part of Phishing attacks or hosting Phishing web sites.
  • Anonymous Proxies: anonymized traffic arriving from paid or anonymous proxies used to disguise real client identity.
  • Malicious Sources: hosts known to be infected with malicious software.
  • Spammers: hosts known to send spam.
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Ultimate Protection

Masternet WAF (Web Application Firewall) Protect your organization with Ultimate Protection and Real Time Monitoring modules associated with:

  • Centralize Alarm Monitoring
  • Auto-Learn Security Profiling
  • Application Layer Vulnerability Protection
  • DoS Protection
  • Web Defacement Protection
  • Correlated Threat Detection
  • HTTP Compliance Information
  • HTTP Real Time Attack Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessments – (Beta)
  • Web Application Parameter Rules - (Beta)
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Efficient Management

Masternet WAF (Web Application Firewall) protect your organization with Flexible Deployment and Efficient Management associated with:

  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Geo IP and Bot Analysis
  • Pre-defined Policies
  • High Availability
  • Centralized Logging and Reporting
  • Administrative Domains
  • Centralized Management
  • Virtualization
  • Attacker Information Gathering
  • Protects Against OWASP Top 10
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MASTERNET WAF is a fast and powerful Web Application Firewall. Interrogates web traffic in context with how web applications work and identify everything bad, even traffic coming from a known, good source. The Web Application Firewall based on the open source modsecurity (OWASP) which is an open source Universal Cross web protection Platform, on which a unique GUI mode and intelligence has been developed by MASTERNET


How it Works

WAFs are designed to protect web applications/servers from web-based attacks that IPSs cannot prevent. In the same regards as an IPS, WAFs can be network or host based.

They sit in-line and monitor traffic to and from web applications/servers.

Basically, the difference is in the level of ability to analyze the Layer 7 web application logic.

Where IPSs interrogate traffic against signatures and anomalies, WAFs interrogate the behavior and logic of what is requested and returned.

WAFs protect against web application threats like:

  • SQL injection,
  • cross-site scripting,
  • session hijacking,
  • parameter or URL tampering and buffer overflows.

They do so in the same manner an IPS does, by analyzing the contents of each incoming and outgoing packet.

WAFs are typically deployed in some sort of proxy fashion just in front of the web applications, so they do not see all traffic on our networks.

By monitoring the traffic before it reaches the web application, WAFs can analyze requests before passing them on. This is what gives them such an advantage over IPSs.

Because IPSs are designed to interrogate all network traffic, they cannot analyze the application layer as thoroughly. WAFs not only detect attacks that are known to occur in web application environments, they also detect (and can prevent) new unknown types of attacks.

By watching for unusual or unexpected patterns in the traffic they can alert and/or defend against unknown attacks. For example- if a WAF detects that the application is returning much more data than it is expected to, the WAF can block it and alert someone.

Web Applications Firewalls are a special breed of product used to detect attacks against web applications in more depth than an Intrusion Prevention System.

WAFs can be used in our environments to provide enhanced protection to web applications/servers. Using a WAF is a good way to augment our IPSs and provide another layer of protection for our Defense-In-Depth architecture.


WAF Configuration Flexibility

Mastrernet WAF (Web Application Firewall) is available in multiple configurations to support your growing application security and business requirements. The product is available as a hardware appliance or virtual appliance The virtual appliance supporting VMware ESX servers or Web Application Firewall as a fully managed security service.


Hardware Appliance

Virtual Appliance

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