Masternet WAF Web Application Firewall

Ultimate Protection and Monitoring

Auto-Learn Security Profiling

Automatically and dynamically build a security model of protected applications by continuously monitoring realtime user activity. Eliminate the need for manual configuration of security profiles.

Application Layer Vulnerability Protection

Provide out of the box protection for the most complex attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF and many others. Together with the Auto Learn profiling system and advanced abilities, WAF is able to create rules down to the single application element.

DoS Protection

Multiple protection policies for network and application layer denial of service threats. Sophisticated mechanism helps identify and block automated attacks.

Web Defacement Protection

Unique capabilities for monitoring protected applications for any defacement and ability to automatically and quickly revert to stored version.

Correlated Threat Detection

Advanced correlation of multiple attack detection mechanisms uncover sophisticated threats. Through integration of elements such as attack signatures, suspicious URLs and unknown headers, multi-event thresholds can be set up to increase attack accuracy and minimize false positive detections.

Vulnerability Assessments – (Beta)

Automatically scans and analyzes the protected web applications and detects security weaknesses, potential application known and unknown vulnerabilities to complete a comprehensive solution for PCI DSS.

HTTP RFC Compliance Validation

WAF blocks any attacks manipulating the HTTP protocol by maintaining strict RFC standards to prevent attacks such as encoding attacks, buffer overflows and other application specific attacks.