Masternet WAF Web Application Firewall

General Information

Masternet Web Application Firewall

Masternet WAF is a fast and powerful Web Application Firewall. WAF interrogates web traffic in context with how web applications work and identify everything bad, even traffic coming from a known, good source. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) based on the open source modsecurity (OWASP) which is an open source Universal Cross web protection Platform, on which a unique GUI mode and intelligence has been developed by Masternet.

Enhanced Protection with IP Reputation Service

As the internet evolves hackers have begun using orchestrated attacks on organizations’ infrastructure. Attackers now use a wealth of methods to infect innocent hosts, and control these infections through organized botnets in order to launch automated phishing, spamming, and DDoS attacks. The IP Reputation Service for WAF platform aggregates data from locations and sources around the world that collaborate to provide up to date information about threatening sources. With feeds from distributed network gateways combined with world class research done from Masternet, organizations can stay up to date and proactively block attacks. Protect your organization from multiple attack vectors IP Reputation Service categorizes and blocks threats from sources associated with:

  • DDoS: Sources identified taking part of DDoS attacks
  • Phishing: Sources identified taking part of Phishing attacks or hosting Phishing web sites
  • Anonymous Proxies: anonymized traffic arriving from paid or anonymous proxies used to disguise real client identity.
  • Malicious Sources: hosts known to be infected with malicious software
  • Spammers: hosts known to send spam